When meeting a person and being attracted to it, it is common to have some nervousness or anxiety, due to the desire to please and the intention of wanting to meet the expectations of the other person in the field of intimacy.

In addition, the uncertainty itself and ignorance of the tastes in the sexual practices of the other can also intervene in that some people feel certain insecurity or stress in their first encounters, especially if they do not have good sexual self-esteem.

Anxiety about a new sexual partner is due to an obligation of results, that is, wanting to look great before the new partner, to appear as a good or good lover, not to disappoint or disappoint her. There are people who are very tru altruistic, they think only of each other’s pleasure and not their own, and that can also trigger the anxiety mechanism. In other cases, due to an anticipation of failure or failure (in men not having or maintaining a good erection and in women not reaching orgasm).

How often does it happen?

All people experience a certain anxiety about a new sexual partner, but in most situations it does not involve a problem, or it usually resolves spontaneously in the following relationships when trust begins to be established. For people who do not have sexual problems or dysfunctions, this anxiety may appear in the first meetings and in a timely manner, but decreases markedly as the members of the new couple get to know their bodies and their tastes sexual.

Does age influence?

Anxiety usually occurs more frequently in the first sexual intercourse , and in adults after a period of sexual inactivity or change of partner.

Age is not all relevant when it comes to feeling anxious about a new sexual partner. And he argues in the following way: In theory, the older the person is supposed to have more experience and, thus, greater security in the sexual field and feel less anxious. But this in practice is not always true, since there may be people who have had many sexual experiences, but not entirely satisfactory or even have a perception of their failure. However, there may be young individuals who feel very safe in that field because they have good self-esteem that motivates them to discover and enjoy their sexuality with new people, despite having little experience.

It affects men and women equally

There are no significant differences between men and women when feeling or not anxiety about a new sexual partner, experts say. It will vary greatly according to the previous sexual experiences that each one has had, of their own perception of themselves in general, of their self-esteem and of their acceptance of their body. Personality type and lifestyle can also determine the behavior of people in the sexual field. Just as if a person, whether male or female, goes through a transitory state of anxiety will also affect him in the possible encounters he may have during that certain stage.

Moreover, prejudices or false ideas associated with the female or male gender can also be an important factor in this type of anxiety. For example, that the man thinks that the responsibility of the pleasure of the woman is his or that the man always has to feel like sex; or that the woman thinks that if she enjoys too much in bed, the man may believe that it is a gulf…

Although anxiety about the arrival of a new sexual partner can affect men and women equally, in men it can be more evident from the start if it affects the erection.




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