Making love under the stream of water sounds better than it results. If you are not careful, the thing can move from simple discomfort to the chipote with blood. One could end up unraveled amid so many juggling, on such a slippery stage. Balances range from purple knees to crooked limbs, not to mention some appalling accidents. Therefore, how to make sex in the shower an experience, say, friendly? Here some tips.

  • The surface is slippery in itself. It will take a mat, those rubber that adhere to the floor. If you don’t have one on hand, use a towel
  • Share the water: the other may be freezing and secretly hating you for the rest of the painting
  • that the water does not give them directly on the face, that the situation does not get so ugly, that you can moan and breathe without having to make scuba divers
  • Be patient. With so much water everywhere, getting to the exact point is almost a feat. Caresses, kisses, words, whatever it takes
  • Under water everything seems cleaner and fresher: it could be the perfect time for oral sex, if not because getting on your knees in that hard and slippery seems penance. Do you see why the towel is important?
  • Use lubricant: water makes friction painful.
  • Warning: condom latex and water are not compatible. In some cases, oral sex or sex toys may be recommended.
  • Hold on find a firm surface and take it as if it were the orgasm that I hope you are having. Be careful with the movements taken away if there is shampoo on the ground
  • take advantage of drying and start again, this time in the comfort of the room.

Recommended positions

The reduced space can represent a problem. Also, the walls are cold. That is why you have to look for the most convenient position.

  • The woman in four, with the knees on the towel that had to implement well.The man behind.
  • ┬áThe two standing, facing each other. The woman with one leg raised. May the man help the woman.
  • The woman stand, climbing on the man, leaning and resting the hands on the floor.
  • The two sitting on the floor, the woman facing the man, riding him, knees on the saving towel.


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