Would you like to have more courage in bed, to make your sex life more interesting and exciting? We advise you how to give up fear and shame.

Get used to your body

The first step towards a sex life in which to play an active role is to trust yourself. If you have complexes, they will only reinforce shyness. Look as often as you can in the mirror and see what strengths you have, then focus on them during sex. If you have beautiful breasts, but a little belly, choose a position that will benefit you more than the upper body. This way you will feel more confident and your mind will not run to “Do I see my tummy now?”.

Feel attractive and sexy

You already know that attitude does everything, especially at such times. If you feel beautiful and sexy, he has no reason not to believe the same thing. Flirt, play, use your smile and flutter your eyelashes. Be feminine and seductive. Probably it happened to you at least once, when you were very arranged, to feel watched and appreciated by everyone around you. Now remember that feeling and convey it through attitude and gestures.

Let yourself be showered

Many retentions come at times when an idea comes to us or we feel like doing something, but we put ourselves on a barrier of distrust. Our advice is to think less! Stop analyzing every gesture, position or experience, but listen to your body and let yourself be showered. You will experience all the emotions more intensely and believe that everything will go perfectly, because you will be natural and relaxed.

Do not be afraid of the impression you will leave

Studies by sexologists show that many women are afraid of appearing vulgar in front of their partner, if they dare too much. Because sex is in many societies still a taboo subject, we are afraid to talk about oral sex, anal sex, fantasies or role-playing, in order not to be classified as “light women”. Get rid of this fear, because your partner will be too busy to enjoy the view, to think about it for a moment. Moreover, you will notice that such initiatives will make you in time to feel more in control of your own strengths.

Be creative and listen to your intuition

If we were to make a top of your life plans where creativity is essential, the bedroom would probably be one of them. We are unique, and the needs of each partner and each couple are different. Be always attentive to your partner’s needs, send them signals about your needs and use your imagination to always bring new elements, according to these needs.

Everything comes to light from the room when you have sex

Prepare the room where you will have sex the way you like. Light a few scented candles, place a scarf over the lamp next to the bed or take advantage of the moonlight, leaving the curtains drawn. The not too strong light in the bedroom will hide the parts you don’t like, letting you focus on the parts you really like.

Think about sex (more often)

At least twice a day, consciously think about sex. Imagine what you would do to your partner if he were around then, let’s just say while you’re in a meeting. Send him a naughty message or SMS. Search the online stores for sexy underwear. Use this exercise to set your brain on sex as a form of personal prelude. And try to visualize your fantasies. The fact that you read erotic and sexy novels prepares your mind and body for sex.

Create an affirmation to help you get rid of inhibitions

Develop a mantra that you can repeat just before having sex or even during sex, which gives you a good dose of self-confidence. When your nerves start to give way or when the “good girl” in you begins to whisper “You can’t do this”, use an affirmation to get rid of fears and set yourself on the way to sex.

Think and ask yourself “Why not?”

When you get into a mental block, think first of all, “What do I have to lose?” Even if you try a complex maneuver, your partner will greatly appreciate your efforts to quit inhibitions.
Learn to love your body in all its splendor

Spend some time discovering all shapes and curves. Try to stand in front of a large mirror and just look at yourself. Admire what your partner sees when he or she is looking forward to you. Focus on what you like, not what you don’t like. He does not care if you have cellulite on your thighs or if you have not waxed much longer, so you should not care about yourself. If you consume your energy by focusing on the flaws that you only see, you will not have time to focus on the good side of things, namely on sex.

Get inspired by sex books

Specialists recommend that you read and document about sex. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the volume of options and complicated choices. Start gradually and choose a tip or recommendation once and implement things the next time you have sex. The following dates choose one tip or one recommendation at a time. Remember that you are not looking for moves that will make you receive a trophy. The objective is to expand your repertoire and build your self-confidence.

Why is it important to be relaxed and less stressed?

Stress can affect many aspects of life, especially if we talk about sex. Experts believe that stress makes you more tired, distracted and more motivated, so you can’t do anything, much less have sex. When a woman is stressed, hormonal changes in her body trigger a chemical reaction that causes SHBG (or sex hormone-binding globulin), an important protein, to attach to testosterone cells, so they no longer work in favor of libido. and sexual response.

It is a vicious circle, in which the days without sex, because the woman is stressed, make her become even more tense and less willing to have sex. Moreover, a study from the University of Gottingen in Germany showed that people who have sex less often tend to take more work, to compensate for their frustrations, and the larger workload results in and less sex with your partner.




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