Are you looking for a little help to help you increase your sexual desire? Every day so busy that we live, work or stress, among many other factors can drain a lot of energy and make the last thing we want to do when we get home is to have sex. Although sexual desire and fantasies increase naturally in summer, you can also give your libido an extra boost in a very easy way. How? Eating. Another of life’s pleasures …

There are numerous foods considered aphrodisiacs, that is, they have the necessary properties to enhance and improve sexual life. The origin of its name comes from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, and they are more common than you think. Spices such as cinnamon or cayenne and some foods such as chocolate, figs, eggs or strawberries are not prodigious or miraculous foods, but they will add a plus to your sexual appetite.

The best of all? It will be unnecessary to go to herbalists or even more specific stores in search of this type of food, since virtually all of them can be found in your kitchen. These foods can trigger biological reactions by reducing the state of stress, stimulating blood circulation, raising your temperature, positively affecting the neuro transmitters of the brain or providing nutrients involved in the health of the reproductive system.

In addition, they usually contain capsaicin or other similar elements, a substance that increases heart rate and metabolism and sometimes even sweating, that is, physical reactions very similar to those experienced during sex. They also help us secrete serotonin, the so-called happiness hormone.

So whether you have been lacking that sexual desire for a while or if you have risen with more desire than usual, we encourage you to wake up again that passion that surely still remains through food. For this, we give you 15 ideas to rekindle the flame, and we recommend that you continue reading the following gallery. List these foods that can not be missing in your kitchen!


Cocoa has phenylalanine and theobromine, substances that help fight fatigue and improve blood circulation. In addition, by eating we stimulate the secretion of serotonin, the happiness hormone.


Cinnamon is a natural stimulant of blood flow that increases body temperature, so it can help increase sexual desire.


It is true that the aroma is not the most pleasant one can find, but the allicin it contains increases blood flow and, of course, libido.


Oyster consumption is related to certain neurotransmitters that favor the formation of sex hormones.


Some of the foods such as sesame seeds or tuna that make up this dish are special for increasing libido, as they are rich in those vitamins that favor it.


It is the quintessential drink of every romantic evening. Its aroma, color and flavor awaken our senses and our sexual appetite so that the night ends in the best possible way …


Citrulline and arginine are components that help release nitric oxide, a compound that relaxes blood vessels, favoring full sexual enjoyment.


Strawberries, together with cream, are the combination that reaches the highest point in terms of eroticism. Although this is by nature, the reality is that they are also rich in vitamin C, which stimulate the endocrine glands.


It has the ability to stimulate nerve cells and blood circulation, which causes the awakening of our sexual desire. It is the perfect spice to add to your pasta that will give that special touch.


Several studies have demonstrated the powers of vitamin C in terms of sexuality. In reality, these vitamins would be necessary to multiply and guarantee orgasms.


The high content of vitamins B5 and B6 helps maintain hormonal levels and fights stress. Perfect to relax and enjoy a pleasant relationship.


The more spicy, the more it works. They increase metabolic activity and increase body temperature.


The Romans already used it as an aphrodisiac, and today it continues to be one of the best foods for this. Its high pheromone content propitiates it.

All these foods are good to increase your sexual desire, but the best option remains Ultra Max Testo.


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