When you practice yoga, you usually get great benefits, among those that can be highlighted is that it makes us stronger and more elastic. We must be aware that our body is the one that refines the balance we have. The better we feel the better sex we can achieve.

There are many people who practice yoga for various reasons. Many times half a yoga session if several postures are taken, it may be enough to improve our health, including sexual. There are many postures and they are usually a good help for sex, where in recent times rotator vibrators are very successful, which shows that people want to innovate and forget about routine sex.

Our recommendation is that, if you do not have experience in yoga, do not do certain postures, there are risks of being able to end the crooked neck or some type of injury. Therefore, it is best to take it easy and be aware of our own limits.

We are going to tell you some interesting yoga positions that can be useful

  • Rueda: it is an interesting posture that, if the other person has you in that type of posture and “takes advantage” in a certain way of you, you will need strength and concentration so that the legs as such will not shake you.
  • Beetle: posture that does not need to explain too much, as soon as your partner sees you, he will know what you want with that posture in question.
  • Cobra: perfect for oral sex, as well as for stimulating the genitals. A posture that you will surely like to practice a lot.
  • Dog upside down: we are facing an alternative to the puppy of a lifetime. It is a variant that is ideal to give a touch of imagination to the daily routine. In this way, surely you don’t get tired.
  • Rabbit posture: very suitable for practitioners who already have an experience. The butt stays high, the other being able to do everything. A posture we could call very explosive.
  • Dead: the posture of the dead or “savasana” is basic and quite comfortable to perform. The missionary at the end is a position that will never go out of style and that has its followers.
  • Camel posture: oral sex, vaginal penetration, etc. The truth is that there is a wide catalog. Imagination is what sets the limit.

As you can see, yoga is a good help if you want to turn your sex life around. The monotony is usually the enemy of the couple on a daily basis. Sometimes it is necessary to put some sauce on our routines and yoga, in addition to being good for health, it does enough to balance our body.

If we want to be really good and give that different touch to our intimate relationship, to trust yoga and its postures, they may help us more than we think. What we must reiterate is the precaution that must be taken regarding the positions, since not all of us are prepared to perform them.




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